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Happy Valentines Day from Mexico Beach

As typical this time of year………………….We never know what kind of weather it will be from day to day!   A couple of days ago I was wearing shorts and t-shirt.  Started to cool down yesterday afternoon and a little chilly this morning!  Predicted to be in the low 60’s this weekend!    BUT….you can keep warm at the Gumbo Fest this Saturday!    Sundance Realty will be serving up our famous gumbo, so make sure you come by and get a cup!!!!    It starts at 10:00 but you may want to be there a little early to get in line!

After the gumbo fest……you can walk along the shops and see local art work displayed and available to purchase.   Also, a new beach shop is opening on Saturday in the ‘Shoppes of Mexico Beach”!   Be sure to go by and check out all the GREAT NEW BEACH STUFF, everything from yard art,  to furniture, to linens.

As for the real estate market…………..people always ask me “what are people buying?”   Well, in the last 6 months…we’ve sold 12 townhomes, 19 condos, and 23 single family homes and 3 mobile homes.   So, we are basically selling everything!    Click here to see townhome sales.   Click here to see condo salesClick here to see single family home sales.  Click here to see mobile home sales.

Townhomes are attached single family homes.   They are financed and insured just like single family homes.   You are responsible for all upkeep, utilities, insurance in a townhome.    They may have HOA fees if the complex has a pool or any kind of amenities.

A lot of people are hesitant to look at condos because of the high monthly fees.  However, those fees take care of all maintenance for the complex and even more importantly, the insurance for the exterior of the complex.   You will probably want to carry content insurance which is not expensive.  Some condo fees include water/sewer/trash and cable.   There is definitely value in being able to just come use your condo whenever you want and not have to worry about cutting that grass, painting the exterior, staining the deck……….and all the other things that go along with home ownership.

Let’s talk mobile homes……….mobile homes have been in this area since…….well, since people lived here!!!   Some of those first mobile homes ARE STILL HERE!    The city of Mexico Beach passed an ordinance in 2004 prohibiting mobile homes from being moved in.    The homes that were already here were grandfathered in, however, if they are moved out they cannot be replaced with a mobile home.  Financing and insuring mobile homes can be a challenge so most of these sales are cash buyers.     These properties have provided many people with their vacation retreats for years and I predict will continue to for many more years to come!

Our current inventory is extremely low.   We have lots of buyers.   These two factors mean prices will tick up!

There are 25 condos on the market. Click here.

There are 23 townhomes on the market.  Click here.

There are 48 single family homes on the market. Click here

There are 8 mobile homes on the market.  Click here.

Interest rates are still low!  Great time to buy…….the bottom of the market has come and gone….if you are seriously considering buying in the area…don’t wait too long…..prices will be going up…slowly but steadily, in my opinion.

I’m always available and will be glad to help you!    Call me and we’ll get started!!!!






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