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  • Winter time is a great time in Mexico Beach, FL

    Mary Blackburn
    Mary Blackburn REALTOR®
    Mexico Beach, FL Real Estate Agent
    January 25, 2017

    It’s true! Yes, it can get a little chilly and maybe a bit cloudy but there are more than a few reasons snowbirds visit Mexico Beach, FL year and year. They often end up buying real estate and becoming our new neighbors.

    Top 3 Reasons we LOVE Mexico Beach Winters:

    Reason 1: The Sunsets
    In the winter evenings the skies are often clear allowing for stunning sunset visuals over the Gulf of Mexico. It is not uncommon to find couples speckled about on the sand taking it all in before dinner.

    Reason 2: Less Crowds
    Generally the beaches are never too crowded, but in the Winter months, you will notice a significant drop in the traffic and noise for sure. This allows you to have the beautiful white sands and emerald waters all to yourselves. Mexico Beach is a great place for a Winter home.

    Reason 3: NO SNOW
    Yes, this one is a bit of a funny, but true. It has not snowed in the area since 1989, December 22nd, 1989 to be exact. We like to think that Mexico Beach, FL really has ideal winter weather. Just cool enough to tell you its winter…but not cold enough to make things miserable.

    There are many more reasons, but we thought we would spend a few minutes and tell you about our top 3.

    So, what are your 3 reasons YOU love Mexico Beach in the winter?

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