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  • January, coming in like a LION!

    Mary Blackburn
    Mary Blackburn REALTOR®
    Mexico Beach, FL Real Estate Agent
    January 21, 2014

    January is typically our coldest month….but when I say that I mean a couple nights of 30 degrees or so and then usually low to mid 40’s at night and mid 50’s low 60’s in the day.

    But NOT SO this year!   We had some pretty cold days in December and way too many cold days so far in January.   We’ve already had several nights of below freezing temps and supposed to get some more this week.    We’ve also continued this weird streak of A LOT OF RAIN!!   

    I really shouldn”t complain…….I just talked to one of my customers and its supposed to be 9 degrees tonight where he lives. 

    But…………………I’m ready for spring!

    Check out our weather for the week:


    We’ve had a pretty active January so far……….despite the weather!  

    8 properties put under contract in Mexico Beach in January so far (two of those already closing).   Nine more properties closing.   Click here to see what folks are buying in Mexico Beach/St. Joe Beach.

    The interesting part is because our inventory is so low buyers are looking at properties now they would not have considered before.   But when pickin’s are slim and you desparately want a slice of paradise……………….you have to raise your budget sometimes or be willing to concede a few things.

    It’s been equally busy out at the Cape!   Nine properties put under contract and 12 closings!

    Click here to see what people are buying at the Cape!


    Real Estate 101

    I continue to get calls from buyers who aren’t quite sure of the process of looking for property, so I’m going to just give a brief class on the basic points of real estate in my next few blogs!!

    The first step of beginning the search for real estate is in my opinion……find a good Realtor!     (I’m available!)        I’m going to assume you’ve already narrowed down the area to Mexico Beach to Cape San Blas, since you are reading my blog!

    Give your parameters, including price point and criteria, and then let ME send you properties that meet your criteria (or at least most of your criteria!).     Most of the time this will give you a good idea as to whether there is something here for you or not.   Sometimes I’ll get a buyer who says ” I’m a cash buyer for a house at $50,000 as close to the beach as possible”.   Well, there’s no need either of us wasting our time………..we just don’t have anything like that here.  I’ll let you down as easily as possible but  If your criteria is realistic I will continue to send you properties!!!  

    The next step will require you to get pre-approval from a lender to make sure you can afford what you want!!!      A pre-approval doesn’t obligate you or the lender it just gives you a level of confidence that you can qualify for a loan!!!   This is super important when you are ready to make an offer!!!

    If you have already been looking and you know you are ready to buy as soon as you find that right property, Quicken loans is offering a program where they basically qualify you completely so you can make a very strong offer….they basically go through the financing process with you BEFORE you make the offer so you know for sure the loan will go through…its almost as good as making a cash offer!

    Once you find a Realtor you like and feel comfortable with, one who is knowledgable and trustworthy (like ME!)  then even if you find properties on your own….let her/him know.   Let her/him do the legwork.   Don’t call the Realtor on the sign and make an appointment to see it and then contact your Realtor.    Let your Realtor call and make the appointment.  We can show ANY property…so let us do the work!!!!!      

    The next step is looking!!!

    The next class will be next week!!!!    If you have a question you’d like me to answer about the basics of real estate email me and I’ll answer it in my next blog.  If you have a question you can rest assured other people have the same one!!!


    I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog!   

    Talk to you next week!

    God will not fail you. He knows what you need.

    “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.”

    Proverbs 3:5




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