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  • Happy Thanksgiving from Mexico Beach!

    Mary Blackburn
    Mary Blackburn REALTOR®
    Mexico Beach, FL Real Estate Agent
    November 25, 2013


     I pray everybody has a blessed Thanksgiving filled with family, friends and…!

    Seems we are having another little cold snap.  Second one this month…….which really doesn’t excite me.   I’m not a cold weather person.  I like a little seasonal change…love putting on a sweatshirt in the morning…..but I like to take it off by about 10:00 am.      43 when I got up this morning….warming up to 65ish this afternoon….however Wednesday and Thursday the highs are only expected in the low to mid 50’s and dipping into the mid 30’s at night!   WAYYYY too early for this!    In January I expect it….not in November though.     Not going to complain too much though….I can still take a walk and look at this!

    st joe beach turtle sm

    Sales typically slow down a little this time of year while people are getting busy with the holidays.

    Click here to see what has sold in Mexico Beach so far in November.

    I’ll tell you what!   I have been so tremendously blessed this year….as I have every year!    Not only do I love my job…….I’ve had a fantastic sales year……almost $9,000,000 in sales so far.   I’ve met the nicest people, helped families realize their dream and also said good bye to some great people whose time it was to leave!

    Gulf To Bay Construction put out a newsletter with some really good information.  I have not had the pleasure of working with Gulf To Bay Construction……but I wanted to pass along this information since they are answering a question I get all the time!  Please remember, I’m not recommending this company I’m just passing along the information they have recently sent me in a newsletter.   I just think, for those of you considering building here, it will give a basis of some new knowledge!

    How Much Does it Cost to Build at the Coast?
    Gulf 2 Bay Development and Construction receives calls from realtors and/or clients looking to build on Cape San Blas, FL or Indian Pass ,FL asking the question “How much does it cost a square foot to build a home?” This question without a great deal of additional information makes as much sense as saying “I am going to the Piggly Wiggly store, how much will a bag of groceries cost?” Anyone giving a honest figure would have to give a huge range. 

    Gulf 2 Bay Development and Construction has built homes in Gulf County, FL all meeting
    or exceeding building codes, ranging from $65 per sq. ft. of total space to over $150 per sq. ft..

    The difference is what the options are the client wants, what it cost to prepare the land for the structure, or the architectural design which can dramatically change the cost per sq. ft
    For example, Gulf 2 Bay Development and Construction recently priced a home. The difference in the cost of wood pilings versus concrete pilings was $22,000. Now, with a 4,000 square foot house,
    that would raise the price $5.50 per square foot. But for the 1,600 square foot house we were bidding,
    the increase was $13.75 per square foot. The estimate of $105 per square foot changed to $118.75
    for the 1,600 square foot home. This is only one of hundreds of choices a client may have that would impact the “cost per square foot.”

    The better question to ask is, “What will it cost to build my dream or vacation home on the coast?”- take the following factors into consideration as part of the total cost for building your home.
    COVENANTS AND RESTRICTIONS: If the property is in a Homeowner’s Association (HOA), then
    clients must be aware of the architectural requirements of the HOA. The requirements in one
    subdivision could add significant cost and are going to set the size of the home over what might be required for the same type home in another subdivision.

    DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT: Also, the client needs to find out if they are building in a zone that must seek approval and permitting from DEP. Anything involving DEP is going to take at
    least six months of time and effort on the part of the client, or better, the contractor, and involve cost in engineering, etc. This will add approximately $12,000-$15,000 to the cost. County permits are based
    on the engineered plans which are an added cost.

    CODES: The cost for building on the coast is much more than building in Alabama or Georgia because of the multitude of code requirements in our hurricane zone. For example, a sliding
    glass door that could be used inland may be purchased for $500 but in thehurricane zone it will cost closer to $2,000.

    HEAT AND COOLED VS. ALL BUILDING COSTS: Some clients have been given a square footage cost for heat and cooled areas and not understood that 30-40% of beach homes may be made up
    of the beautiful porches and decks. Also, most of the homes are on pilings, which then mean space under the home must be considered into cost. The square footage of these two areas sometimes exceed the heat/cooled square footage. Options such as railings can range from $35 per linear feet to over $120 based on the materials and labor.

    TURN KEY: Does the “cost per square foot” that is given by the contractor cover septic or sewer, water connections, landscaping, and driveways?

    Gulf 2 Bay Development and Construction provides Turn Key service to owners who want to build their dream home. Gulf 2 Bay Development & Construction will work with owners on all aspects
    of their dream home, from the clearing of the lot, navigating through Department of Environment, assisting with home design, and providing clearly defined and priced specifications for every part of the build process.
    Gulf 2 Bay Development & Construction
    1934 SR 30,
    Port St. Joe, FL 32456 email:

    We always have to deal with the sticker shock of properties and cost to build here.   “”You aren’t in Kansas anymore!!!”

    Again, have a blessed Thanksgiving and please don’t hesitate to call me anytime with any questions about real estate!!

    Mary  850-896-5222





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