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  • Good Deals and New Listings in the Mexico Beach Area

    Mary Blackburn
    Mary Blackburn REALTOR®
    Mexico Beach, FL Real Estate Agent
    September 1, 2017

    Business has been booming here for the last couple of years. Values have risen and there is an unbelievable amount of new construction. While our values are definitely on the increase I do not see another real estate ‘bust’ like the one we saw 10 years ago. As I see it there are 2 major differences….

    #1. Financing is a chore for even qualified buyers!!!
    #2. Buyer are buying to use themselves whether it be a 2nd home, vacation rental or permanent home…not buying for pure speculation.

    So….the market is STABLE!

    This area from Mexcio Beach out to Cape San Blas….is a unique area….we are small, low key and quite a distance from an airport or major freeway….this, plus the fact we have the most gorgeous white sand beaches…we have no high rises….we have lots and lots of public beach access……we are STILL old Florida……..therefore……we have a long list of buyers who are trying to get here!

    Don’t wait too long………there is no perfect property….let’s find something you can afford…something that will get you here!!!!

    Please don’t hesitate to call/email/text me anytime! I work pretty much 24/7/365 but many homes will require 24-48 hour notice to show!

    Single wide mobile homes are not able to be financed by a bank unless you do some type of in-house loan.
    Older double wide mobile homes are difficult at best to finance…unless, again you have a bank willing to do an in-house loan for you.
    Many buyers purchase mobile homes here using a home equity loan on their primary home.

    There are a few townhomes and condos under $200,000…anywhere from 1/4 mile to 1/2 mile from the beach.
    There are also a couple of single family homes on this list….both walkable to the beach!

    Vacant lot for LESS THAN MARKET VALUE
    Seller must sell: 100 X 158 cleared with some fill dirt. Maybe a 1/2 mile walk to the beach in Mexico Beach. No restrictions other than city and Florida building code. It is in an A flood zone so you fill dirt is needed or you could build slightly elevated. Many new homes going up in this area!

    The lot across the street sold for $55,000. Seller is willing to sell for $10,000 less than market value.

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