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  • I’m Not Just Going to Give it Away!

    Mary Blackburn
    Mary Blackburn REALTOR®
    Mexico Beach, FL Real Estate Agent
    July 28, 2012

    I thought this was a great blog! I’ve heard this phrase quite a lot since the decline of values!!!

    I especially like the last paragraph!!! So forgive me for re-blogging someone else’s post…but why re-invent the wheel? (I did the yellow highlighting though!)

    “I’m Not Just Going To Give It Away” – Please Banish This Phrase!

    “I’m not going to just give it away!”As a full time Maine Realtor® I hear this phrase at times from potential home sellers. While I certainly understand the sentiment, I would like to suggest that we all simply banish this phrase from our common language.

    I had to chuckle this week as I was having a discussion with my own mother about a potential move and sure enough, she uttered those very words.

    Trust me, the buyer obtaining a mortgage that they will be paying on for the next 30 years, does not feel like they have just been given a home. Home prices are not what they were in years past, but that does not mean that realizing full market value on the sale of your home constitutes a freebie for someone else.

    Here’s the thing…I’m not suggesting you drop the idea behind the phrase, but let’s go ahead and say what you really mean:
    “I want to sell my home for as much money as possible.”

    Now on this, we can agree! I am here to use all of my experience, tools, and resources to help you achieve just that…the successful sale of your home. By “successful sale” I mean that you net the highest possible return on your investment, with the best possible sale terms, and in the time frame you desire.

    I have heard it suggested that Realtors® just want to price it low, sell it quick and collect the commission. I have personally never seen this in my market. We Realtors are a competitive bunch…and yes, often prideful. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with the best possible results. After all, without great results, who in their right mind would list their home with us? I’m sure when you started to consider selling your home you didn’t say to yourself, “I’ll just get any agent, I don’t care how good they are.” Of course not! You want, and frankly you deserve, the best agent possible. You want to know that time, energy, and expertise will go into the marketing and sale of your home.

    When you and I have a pricing conversation about the market value of your home, remember we are on the same team. I am here to develop a pricing strategy that will bring you the results you are looking for. Neither of us can control the market itself, but we can work together to position your home in the market in the best possible fashion and bring you results. I’m not just looking for plain run of the mill results. When I list a home for sale, I’m looking for put your hands up in the air, shout it from the roof top results!

    I understand that some home sellers may be a bit put off or disappointed with current home values.However, we also need to discuss the goals you are hoping to achieve with this move. Why do you want to sell? What will your life look like after the sale? How much will it cost you to hang on to your home? We need to analyze both sides of the move you are considering together. We’ve got some numbers to crunch! By the time we are done looking at the big picture, you may find that you are not giving it away at all, but gaining so much more by being able to move forward with your plans.

    Kristen Wheatley
    The Maine Real Estate Network

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