Limited Beach Access due to Covid

A little bit of time with toes in the sand is better than no time! Gulf County has opened up their beaches for public access from 6-9 am Central time. and then againn from 5-8pm Central time. Gulf County beaches are dog friendly. (PUH-LEESE clean up after your furbaby!)

Port St. Joe has also opened their boat ramp for permanent home owners.

Mexico Beach is open from 6-9 am Central time and again 5:30-7:30 pm Central time. This is for walking and fishing…not laying on the beach….Public parking is not available.

Vacation rentals are still banned for all of Florida, per the Governor, as is Stay At Home orders.

So…………..of course, I SO ENJOYED being able to get on that beach….and my pups were soooooooooooooo excited to get out there as well!

Gulf County still only has 1 confirmed case of Covid19, hoping to keep it that way…so stay safe my friends!

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