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Hello Friends!

Well, I’ve already fallen behind since my previous post!   My intent, with this ‘refreshed’ website was to blog weekly and my first blogs were going to be about all the rebuilding going on in the area!!!!   

But, let me address the most pressing issue going on right now.  COVid19.     We only have 1 confirmed case in Gulf County right now.   Mexico Beach is actually in Bay County but we are separated from the rest of Bay County by Tyndall Air Force Base, making Gulf County our closest neighbor.  

We are all, of course, under the Stay At Home mandate and practicing social distancing!   The beaches are closed, vacation rentals are closed until the end of the month… it’s pretty quiet around here right now.   And the weather had been ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS so not being on the beach walking my dogs is absolute torture!

Real Estate has been deemed one of the essential services so our office is open Monday-Saturday 9:00-3:00.    Of course, I work from home a lot….so I’m always available by cell/ email/ text if you have any questions! 

While this virus has certainly slowed the market way down, we still have buyers and sellers wanting to make deals.   I include virtual tours in the majority of my listings….it’s just like being can stop, zoom in,  really take a good look at the house…If there is a property you are interested in, my listing or another agent’s,  that doesn’t have a virtual tour….just let me know and I’ll get one for you!

While many sellers are concerned about letting strangers in their house at this time, most sellers will, with an accepted contract make arrangements.    Coming in person to view the house can be part of the due diligence period!    Where there’s a will there’s a way!!!

It really is a good time to buy….interest rates are still seriously low and some prices have been lowered a bit…there may be some motivated sellers out there.  AND….it’s really looking good around here!     Lots of new construction replacing the old concrete block homes, lots of beautiful renovations updating some of the older townhomes and homes.    The beach, with the newly planted sea oats, beach walk overs…is still there, still beautiful, still family friendly, still low key, still the reason people love it here!

Please don’t hesitate to call me ANYTIME!    Leave a message if I don’t answer and I’ll get back to you quickly!

You can get up to the minute property listings to your email….just click on basic search, sign up with your contact information.  I PROMISE I WILL NOT CALL YOU UNLESS YOU ASK!     Follow the directions to verify your email address and then you can start searching by creating your criteria….save that search and when  properties are listed within your price range and area…you will get an immediate email!

Have a great week….stay safe!

God bless!

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